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we are currently on hiatus as we pursue our solo creative ventures. In the meantime, please follow our other projects.

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Deep Space Thoughts | Episode 1

Clio talks to Anne Wieben, soprano, and Mats Johansson, horn player.

We discuss contemporary classical/new music, working with living composers, Mats’ research about women musicians working with horn, and Anne’s collaboration with Clio on the song cycle “Mannequin Songs.” Mentioned composers/writers: Jörg Widmann, Raymond Yu, Hannes Kerschbaumer, Wagner, Mozart, Klara Du Plessis.

Musical selections:
Cat Song (Astronomy for Lovers): instrumental version.
Mannequin Songs ii (Clio Montrey, on a text by Klara du Plessis)


Deep Space Thoughts Premiere Guests

Our Deep Space Thoughts podcast premiere will take place early next week, and we have our guests already booked!

Anne Wieben is an operatic soprano who collaborated with Clio on several projects.

Mats A Johansson is a contemporary horn player for whom both Clio and Victor are composing new contemporary classical music.

We will be discussing new music for horn and voice. As Clio recently participated in a radio interview for International Women’s Day, we will also touch on why the topic of gender is relevant to discussions about new music.

brass monkey | the vienna solo show

Clio: playing on my ukuleles and singing in the Brass Monkey coffee and cupcake shop was a fantastic and emotional experience. The small space allowed me to sing and play unamplified, and I loved sharing my songs, especially our Astronomy songs, with you in this intimate setting.