Autumn indie mixtape

We’re proud to be a part of the Autumn Equinox Mixtape. Listen for the followup to the spring’s Searchlight Mixtape. Lots of indie Canadiana to hear here.


Autumn Equinox Mixtape

Our Cat’s Night collab with Scary Bear Soundtrack/Avid Napper is a part of the Autumn Equinox Mixtape, together with some friends from the Searchlight Mixtape back in the spring.

some EP backstory

homemade spaceship is an indie EP that lands on Planet Earth as a digital release this November. This EP was bedroom-recorded in several awesome places around the world: in Mexico, D.F., on the Polish/Slovak border, and Vienna, Austria. Songwriting and creative sessions for these songs happened in even more places, however: Calgary, Playa del Carmen, Merida, Montreal. Everything is homemade, from the songwriting and the recording to the mixing and the cover art.