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Show @ Independent Filmabende Wien

Show @ Independent Filmabende Wien

Thanks to Georg of Schik and Independent Filmabende Wien for an awesome show tonight! We also really enjoyed the indie documentary “Endstation Südbahnhof” by Pressberger and Fischer.

More CBC Searchlight Fun

Help Clio’s Mixtape friends get into the top 10 in Canada for CBC Music Searchlight! Clio will make a song derived from everyone who gets into the next round!
Step 1: VOTE FOR THESE FINE FOLK DAILY. The competitors still in the running are:
isKwé muzik
Erin Saoirse Adair
Scary Bear Soundtrack
Step 2: Like this post when you’ve voted for all of them at least once! Clio will pick one person from Facebook or Twitter to send a personalised CD-R of the mixtape to per snailmail.
Let’s get cracking and get these artists into the top national spots!

presenting the searchlight mixtape

Another post about the mixtape project featuring Clio Em, this time from Scary Bear Soundtrack.

scary bear soundtrack

Hi everyone!

We’re so excited to tell you about this latest project we’ve gotten involved in.  A bunch of musicians from across Canada have gathered together (well, online, rather than physically…Canada’s a big country) to create a mixtape.  Just for you! Free!

So if you’re looking for some music to listen to, you can download this mixtape for free here, or stream it online, or whatever you want to do.

(also, don’t forget to vote for us today for CBC Music’s Searchlight Contest for Canada’s Best New Artist! Today, and every day till we get kicked out of the contest…)


16 indie bands from across Canada meet for the first time and release a promotional mixtape all in one week

March 31, 2014: Within one week 16 indie bands from across the country met on the internet, loosely associated themselves with each other, and acted as a…

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Sharing a Searchlight Mixtape

Clio’s song is on this mixtape… listen to it: “Night after night I hear the rain”! Make sure you listen to all the other wonderful musicians too. It is possible to vote for all of them in the preliminary round of CBC Searchlight!