The beginnings

Last Wednesday (March 21, 2012), we played a 5-song set, 3 standards and two originals as part of the MuWi Konzert-Podium series at the musicology department of the University of Vienna. The concert was organized by the lovely Ksenija Zadravec with the help of Imke Oldewurtel. Keep a lookout for our upcoming events in summer and fall! 🙂


instrumental imagination

Instrumental Imagination markers on canvas, by Clio

Instrumental Imagination: markers on canvas! Fun, fast, and unexpectedly cool result from a canvas in need of rescuing. (Taken with instagram). The lovely Ljubica Csenar, fellow musician, is the new owner of this piece.

In Astronomy: The constellation Lyra, translated from the Greek as the harp or lyre, represents the instrument invented by  offered by Apollo to his son, Orpheus. In Shakespeare’s poem, the instrument is referred to as a “lute”. As the ukulele is a type of lute, substituting a ukulele for the lyre seems an appropriate update. Lele shares a kinship with the Lyre: they are both string instruments, although the lyre does not have a fingerboard as ukuleles or guitars do.